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Dog Rescue Near Nashville Is Offering a Free 'Glamping' Stay in Exchange for Help Building Their New Barn

Right now there are countless dogs in shelters across the United States, and some shelters are completely full. These shelters are unable to take any more dogs unless some are adopted or more facilities are built to hold them. One shelter near Nashville, Tennessee is attempting to build a new barn for their animals and are asking the public for help with a unique offer as incentive.

Better Days Dog Rescue is a rescue and "glamping" site located in Wartrace, Tennessee. They recently posted a video on their TikTok, @betterdaysdogrescue, asking the public to help them build a new barn for their dogs. In exchange, volunteers can stay at one of their "glamping" sites for free for two nights! Check out the video to see more details on what this deal would entail.

Wow, this is such an awesome idea! Volunteers would get to spend some of their time assisting a rescue with building a new barn for their dogs while staying in a nice tent with a real bed and beautiful views. There's so much to love about this offer!

People in the comments responded very enthusiastically to this proposition. @jamesmeanor said, "Im 50 minutes from there! How do I do this?" and @balloonkye commented, "What do you need and when? I'll be a few hours away this weekend, and I'm a carpenter!" It's wonderful to see many people offering up their time and experience to help!

Others who weren't able to offer their assistance due to availability or distance still loved the idea. @memphissmayfire commented, "That’s actually really cool. I work for a shelter myself, and I love nonprofits capable of helping animals." Another  user, @strawberryhaze1234, said, "I love all the responses you are getting. Best of luck to you and the doggos!" These positive responses are the perfect example of humans at their best!

We're so glad this rescue got such an outpouring of support and assistance to build a new structure to house more dogs. We can't wait to see what they accomplish with the help of all of their new TikTok friends!

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