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Woman’s Touching Reminder to ‘Adopt Don’t Shop’ Is Getting to People’s Hearts

As much as some people might want a specific, purebred pup to welcome into their families, sometimes, we need the reminder that there are plenty of dogs that need loving homes in animal shelters. And some of those poor shelter pups are at the risk of being euthanized if someone doesn’t come along to rescue them. So TikTok user @aylawoodruff_ shared a clip that gives us a reminder we all need - adopt don't shop! 

In her recent TikTok video, she explained that she was going to the shelter to donate dog beds when one dog stood out to her. She couldn't return home without him, especially since he was scheduled to be put down that day. "He was hit by a car and apparently no one wanted him," the text on the video said. She and her husband stepped up to the task and took this adorable dog home. The dog's reaction to going home will melt your heart. It was clearly a perfect match for this family! 

Stop it! Our hearts can’t handle this! He knew instantly that these were his humans and every day after that would be filled with so much love. You could just see it from his body language. @Andriena Valdez pointed out, “His tail wagging the entire time. We really don’t deserve dogs.” In every single video, his tail is wagging!  

Another commented, @Ashley said, “You literally saved his life and he loves you so much already 😭❤️ Thank you for saving him and for making me cry.” Thanks for making us all cry! Plus, they’re already treating him so well. He’s eating outside, getting brushed out, and having pup cups and nonstop cuddles. He’ll forever be grateful for his humans. They still don’t have a name for this good boy, but we’ll be here waiting! 

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We hope this is a great reminder to adopt and not shop. She even said in this video, that he was only $1.50. That's it?! A little bit of loose change can go a long way in saving an animal's life.

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