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Police Rush to Save Dog From Freezing Detroit River Before It's Too Late

No one wants to see a pup left out in the cold, let alone in immediate danger of freezing, especially in the middle of icy water! Recently, a police and fire crew in Wyandotte, Michigan rushed to save a dog from the frosty Detroit River. The dog was seen floating on top of a giant slab of ice in the partially frozen river, and police rescue was called in to make a harrowing save.

According to local authorities, the dog was newly adopted and had gotten away from its owner. No one is completely sure how the adopted dog ended up on a slab of ice in the river, but the situation was dire and could've gone horribly wrong.

The rescue crew lowered a ladder into the river and a specialist descended it into the freezing water, wearing an insulated suit. With a snare pole, the specialist reached out and encircled the frightened canine's neck, coaxing it to him through the slow-moving current.

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After a slight slip, the specialist and dog ascended the ladder to safety, much to everyone's relief! As for how the pup is doing now? Well, the dog is reportedly is a bit shellshocked, but is warm, dry, and safely back with its owner. How wonderful that this story has a happy ending.

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