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Dog's Incredible Transformation After Being Rescued From the Pound Is Just Beautiful

It's been said that 'you glow differently when you're happy,' and we think that applies to our furry friends as well as ourselves. Just look at all the inspiring pet rescue stories online! Just a few days of love can change a shelter dog's entire being, and it never gets old. 

The latest rescue story to touch hearts across TikTok comes from Arizona dog mom @shelbyshippy, who rescued her bestie completely on a whim. Their sweet story is going viral not only for its sweetness, but also for the sheer difference between Scooby's energy before and after his rescue. Take a look!

What a happy puppers! We are so thrilled for Shelby and Scooby to be together fur-ever--they seem like a match made in doggy heaven. It's evident by the change in his energy. The same pup went from sulking by the side of his kennel to bouncing across the bed--and the entire room!

Unsurprisingly, we weren't the only ones who were touched by this boy's transformation. Commenter @crystal14930 wrote, "Thank you. That was much needed for him. So many pups and senior sweethearts who have bright sparks but dimmed and upset becoz they put [in these kennels]." That is so true!

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 Luckily, observant rescuers like Shelby know there's so much more to a dog than what you see in their kennel. Just like @jillian_butler commented, "The difference between shelter and home will never cease to amaze me!!! Look at him 🥰!!!!!" Just like @cecelia.lomeli put it, it's "that first jump of happiness!!! 🥰" that changes everything.

"He's saying... Thank you, thank you, thank you! ❤️," wrote @debora.horstmann, and we totally agree! There's no doubt that Scooby knows he's in his forever home. Shelby absolutely "made him such a happy boy 🥺. " @Lookatmyfeesh knows what we're talking about! Caring for any dog--let alone a rescue--is a lot of work, but the love that results from it is oh-so-worth-it.

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