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Hero Braves His Life to Rescue Dog From Train Tracks in Incredible Video

We greatly admire people who put themselves in harms way for the sake of helping others. It is an incredibly selfless thing to do, and it shows a great level of compassion and care for others. One man did this when he took a personal risk to make a harrowing rescue for the sake of a trapped puppy, and we are so amazed.

TikTok user @getinthebarth recently shared a video that she took at a train station of a Pit Bull puppy down on the tracks. In the video, you can see that there is a train coming into the station as the dog looks for a way to get to safety. Check out the video to see the amazing man who rescued this sweet pup from harms way!

OMG, we are so happy that this puppy was saved! The user who posted the video confirmed in a comment that this pup had escaped from his house and wandered into the tracks, and he was not dumped! Thank goodness for this selfless hero who ensured the dog's survival. People like this keep out faith in humanity alive!

People in the comments are praising this man for his heroism. @kimrowlatt0 said, "Not all heroes wear capes. Well done to that lovely man!" Another user, @diamondgirl2477, commented, "You are a hero! Thank you so much for saving this puppy’s life. You are an angel here on earth." We are so glad this brave man was there to help!

Others shared that they would have done whatever they could to save the dog as well if they had been there. @tattyyyalmeida commented, "I would’ve jumped onto the tracks without a second thought!" Another user, @yourdadsbackwiththemilk, said, "I would have just jumped in to get the dog as quick as possible and give them a treat!" We think this pup is deserving of many treats for this stressful ordeal he just went through!

This video was incredibly nerve-racking, but thank goodness this hero was there to save the day. We hope this sweet puppy learned his lesson about walking on the train tracks in the future!

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