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Dog's Impressive Retrieval at NC State Football Game Pumps Up the Crowd

We've met TikTok doggo @RipkenTheBatDog before at a Durham Bulls baseball game. This good boy is the official bat dog for the team, which means he runs over and collects the bat once a hitter is done. But now that the fall season has rolled around and football has entered the chat, Ripken's talent was needed in a different environment. 

Ripken's most recent TikTok clip, which has over 3 million views, shows what he does during an N.C. State home football game. A GoPro camera is strapped on his back, giving us a unique point of view into his duties. Ripken patiently waits on the sideline, gets hyped up by the coaches and soon enough it's his time to shine. Check him out!

O.M.G. We're so in love with Ripken! We knew he was good from the baseball game, but this football game was a much, MUCH bigger stage for him. "A dog's dream...about 500 people saying good boy all at once 😂," said @dal_derek. LOL! The creator responded by saying, "More like 60,000 people! It was a sold-out game!" And clearly, Ripken didn't get nervous with all those people! He crushed it!

@JunipherBreezy commented, "He gets the LOUDEST cheer EVER!!! Wolfpack Nation LOVES our goodest boi!!!!" Aww! Hopefully, the football players don't get jealous that Ripken steals the show every single time. LOL! 

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"Look at those ears fly," pointed out @leezul. He was full steam ahead because he didn't want to hold up the game! @thecuddlecult wrote, "I don't even like football but I'd go to a game just for Ripken." Who wouldn't want to go for Ripken?! 


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