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Precious Dog About to Be Returned to Shelter Has Us in Tears

Adopting a pet is a major responsibility because being a pet parent is not a simple job. Not only is it a years long commitment, but some animals can be more work than others, and adopting without doing prior research on the type of animal or breed can lead to some unpleasant surprises. One pup was briefly adopted by a family that was not prepared for her and was returned to the shelter a few days later.

TikTok user @juliesaraceno2 is a volunteer shelter worker, and she recently shared a video of a Husky named Wanda. The video explains that Wanda was adopted but is being returned because the people who took her home were not prepared to be dog parents. Check out the video to see this adorable dog and help Wanda find the right family to take care of her!

Awww, poor Wanda! She is a beautiful dog, and we feel so sorry that she got her hopes up after initially being adopted. The right home for her is out there, we just know it!

People in the comments are wishing Wanda good luck as she continues to look for a family. @sarah_loves_bands said, "I hope this sweet baby finds a loving forever home really soon," and @kmath1212 commented, "Hopefully someone can give her a forever home soon and not return her." Wanda is sure to capture hearts of many capable dog parents that come to the shelter in search of a companion!

Others wished Wanda's first adopters had thought more about their decision before getting her hopes up. @lexi.ii02 commented, "They should have figured that out before adopting her. Poor girl!" and @mendohaze_ann said, "Horrible...poor baby getting returned... Praying for you Wanda! Let’s get you a home!" It's so important for people to thoroughly consider the implications of adoption before making the jump to being pet parents!

While we are so sorry that Wanda was returned, it is better that she ultimately find the right home than live with a family that can't meet her needs. This pup is available in Pasco, Washington and would love to meet potential adopters who will love her unconditionally!

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