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Video of Dog Who's Been Returned to Texas Shelter Five Times Is Nothing Short of Devastating

It's hard to know that some dogs get returned to a shelter, but when it happens five times to the same dog it's gut-wrenching. That's why employees at the Humane Society of El Paso in Texas are sharing the story of one of their dogs — Dallas. Who sadly has been returned to the shelter several times over. 

The no-kill shelter shared the heartbreaking story on their TikTok page @humanesocietyep and didn't skimp on the details. "Dallas has been returned to for the fifth time," the video's text overlay reads.

"Everyone at the shelter is heartbroken," it continues. It seems almost impossible to believe that this happy pooch has yet to find a permanent match, but the video shows the many reasons why things haven't worked out. "Dallas deserves a forever family," they wrote in the caption.

With over 40,000 views, the video will hopefully spread the word and get Dallas a fur-ever home. "People should realize it takes time for them to adjust to being in a home. The first few months with our rescue was rough; best decision I’ve ever made," @marlowm wrote in the comments section. "Poor girl,  my first rescue had five previous homes and I could never understand why ? Hope Dallas gets her forever soon," @jarsmom2 agreed. "C’mon El Paso, let's do this get Dallas a forever home," @lbboy12 urged.

Here's hoping that someone sees the clip and adopts this good boy!

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