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Dog's Reaction to Being Reunited With His Favorite Dog Walker Is So Full of Joy

Many dogs love going on long walks and hikes. They instantly know what it means when we grab out a certain backpack, fill the water bottles, and pack some snacks. They start getting so excited that they pace around the room. And then it's full speed ahead to the car when we walk out the door. And TikTok doggo @denversantic is no stranger to a good adventure. 

A recent clip shows Denver getting ready for a walk. He knows it's coming as soon as a certain collar comes out, and boy, is he ready! This collar can mean only one thing - his favorite dog walker, who he hasn't seen in 4 weeks, is on her way over. He clearly can't sit still and he keeps looking out the window. If he's that excited without even seeing her, just wait until you see see what happens when she pulls up to the house! 

Aww! He didn't even care to look back and say goodbye to mom. LOL. Guess it was a long 4 weeks without his friend. He clearly loves her, but we think he might love the van and walks more because he barely said hello. He zipped right over to the van and hopped in! So cute! 

"The van's here. It's here mummy. I'm away to play with my pals. 😂," commented one TikTok user. Well, he did go a whole month without going on a walk with his friends, so we totally understand his excitement! It's like a child's first day back to school after going a whole summer without seeing some friends. "He's like, 'move over, get me in there,'" added @Sam. There's no time to waste! "He ran right past her like, 'You coming or what!?' 🏃‍♂️💨," said @A.B. LOL! He wants to make up for the last 4 weeks. 

Or so we thought. It turns out this good boy freaks out seeing his dog walker every single time! 

Someone give this woman a raise because she's clearly doing a great job!