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Moment Dog Is Reunited With Mom After Her Tragic Car Accident Is So Emotional

TikTok user @chiruss_ enjoyed her month-long trip to Michigan visiting family. But on her way back to Atlanta, tragedy struck and she was in a terrible car accident. She was rushed to the hospital where has since spent time. Luckily, she's already making a recovery no one was expecting. But the time in the hospital meant that everything at home would have to wait, even her dog. 

As you may know, there's nothing better than the healing power our pets have on us. That's why her family decided to surprise her. She was outside of the hospital getting some fresh air when someone started to walk over with something hidden in his shirt. Her mouth dropped to the floor as she couldn't believe what was happening. Her fur baby was there! The reunion between these two will seriously melt your heart.  

Aww! Have you seen a better reunion than this? She was on the verge of tears and couldn't believe her dog was there. And the pup couldn't believe it either! The poor dog was probably so heartbroken and thought she was never returning. But they're together again now and that's all the matters!

"Your baby is SO happy now that they know mama is okay," wrote @rumvas_. We bet the two of them will never leave each other's sides again! "I can't imagine the relief you feel. It is like nothing else in the world," said @user528371529350. We feel lonely for leaving our pets for even a few days so we couldn't imagine what she felt. Or even how the dog felt! 

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Another TikTok user, @fish.n.chips86, commented, "The healing power of the pup, is an amazing thing!" Seriously, there's nothing like it. They're our ray of sunshine on the gloomiest days. The creator responded by saying, "The only therapy I really need." That makes us even more excited that she's back with fur bestie! We hope her dog smothers her with daily kisses and that she makes a speedy recovery!

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