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Story of Dog Reuniting With Family After Vanishing 8 Years Ago Is a Tear-Jerker

An incredible reunion between a dog and his owner has people everywhere in tears. It all started more than 8 years ago when a Pit Bull named Harley walked away from his owners and never came home. Despite being microchipped, Harley was never found and it looked like the family would never see him again. Until recently, when Harley was miraculously found and returned to his owner and the story of their reunion is too sweet for words. 

According to CBS News, Harley went missing in 2014. "I turned them out to go to the bathroom, I turned my back for a second and they went off into the woods. And we went looking and never found Harley," his owner Betsy Dehaan told the news station. Dehaan and her family put up posters and "never stopped looking for him," she explained, but whomever had taken Harley in must've not checked his microchip and the search went cold. 

Cut to July 2022 when Harley was found walking down Barto Boulevard in San Carlos Park, Florida by Angie Bray. "I didn't realize how bad it was until I actually got the dog," she told the news outlet. "The dog was so sweet, super well behaved. Seemed as happy as can be. Aside from being really skinny. He had some really overgrown nails."

Thankfully, Bray was a volunteer at a Lee County animal rescue center, UPI reports, and she took him to the vet. It was there that his microchip identified him as Dehaan's dog. The family had moved from Florida to Missouri in the years since Harley had vanished. So imagine their surprise when they got a text that their dog was alive and well.

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"We got the text on Saturday," she told CBS News. "And I'm like, is this a scam? Because we were talking about him that morning. You know, what an amazing dog and where could hardly be is he's still out there. And I got the text. And you know, you think Google always picks up on your advertisement?? Haha, I'm like, this is a scam. This is not real," she added. 

She then drove the 1,100 miles from her new home in Missouri to Lee County. Their reunion was swift, but now Harley is home with his family and happier than ever. 

""He's still the same great snuggler he always was," Dehaan explained to UPI.

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