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Dog Reunited With Military Dad After 6 Months Apart in Video We Can’t Resist

Homecomings and reunions are tearjerking in the best way as it is, but adding a dog to the equation? Excuse us while we grab the entire box of tissues! One military wife got to witness (and share) the sweetest reunion between her husband and their family dog, Bailey. When @karleymyers3 first joined TikTok, she made video diaries for her deployed husband, but now that he's back home everyone is enjoying their time together. It all started with this precious moment! 

Bailey knows something is up long before she spots her Daddy, but once she sees him, pure excitement ensues. Everyone at home is just as excited to see these two back together, but Bailey's over-the-moon joy is the sweetest thing. You simply have to see!

What a happy girl! We are just so happy for Bailey and her entire family to have everyone together again. If it were up to us, every service member would get to come home to a reaction like this. 

6 months without one another can’t be easy! Just as @wisteriaburrow commented, “I can barely be apart from my dog for 6 hours, I don’t know how they managed 6 months 😭.” Same, girl, same! Did you spot the moment that Bailey saw her dad? Commenter @noonieandrosieandme did! “The tail went from 0 to 60 really fast!” they noted, while @auntof3 replied to their comment “More like 0-100 🥰”. However you want to say it, it’s crystal clear that Bailey was ecstatic to have her dad back.

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And he was just as happy to see her! As any good dog dad would do, he immediately sits on the floor for optimal petting and cuddles. Meanwhile, Bailey’s going batty–running, jumping, and rolling over for belly rubs. “Sliding into home 🥰” wrote @yodarn, referring to Bailey’s paws slipping all over the hardwood floor. That’s the sign of one happy dog! 

Once the first seconds of excitement start to wear off, Bailey is ready to give her papa the grand tour! One commenter--@les.067-- caught this, too, noting, "The dog is like “COME LOOK WE HAD A BABY!” 😂" It isn't immediately clear how old the family's infant daughter is, or if she was born before her dad was deployed, but we can only imagine the bliss this family must be in with everyone home. Thank you for your service!

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