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Dog's Reunion with Owner After His 8-Month Deployment Is Making Everyone Sob

TikTok user @tonyconrad8 has been away from home for far too long because of the ultimate sacrifice. He serves in the United States military and we could never say thank you enough for his service. Anyone who serves sacrifices leaving behind loved ones for months at a time. They leave behind their parents, siblings, friends and significant others. But what we haven't thought of before this video, is how some also leave behind their fur besties. 

But this video he recently shared reminds us just how sad it is to leave a pet behind. They're part of the family too! So of course, the reunion is just as beautiful. This TikToker shared with us the moment he returned and reunited with his dog. And you can probably guess the reaction everyone's having. Full-on sobs so have some tissues ready to go!

Stop it! Our hearts can't handle this. We don't know if there's ever been a video that can make anyone cry, but this one absolutely passes the test. We're so happy these two are back together again! 

"The fact that the dog didn't understand where you went for 8 months and then lovingly welcomed you back 😭😭😭😭," said @user_meg. So true! That's because animals will love you no matter what. Or as @P_BAS wrote, "Animals will show you the true meaning of unconditional love. ❤️." They'll do this time and time again! 

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@Haylee Breeden pointed out, "He’s friends like, 'Woah this your dad you’re always telling me about?' Animals are the best." Even the other dog could see how much love these two had for each other. @Meagan Novotny added, "He was like, 'Dad is that really you???'" Don't worry puppo, it's Dad! No more wondering if he'll ever return. And again, thank you to this TikToker for his service! He deserves all the dog kisses in the world. 

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