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Video of Dog Finally Reuniting With His ‘Soul Mate’ Is a True Love Story

For anyone who has experienced it, long-distance relationships can be very difficult. Thankfully, technology is around to make those miles apart feel a little less. But for the animals that don’t benefit from technology, long-distance relationships can be even tougher. They never know when they’ll see their best friend again. That’s why reunions are so sweet, especially this one from TikTok user @keepingfinn.

In a video that has captured our hearts, two dogs have been separated for five months. Five months?! We can barely go a week without our S.O. The clip shows one dog sitting in the passenger seat of the car with the owner explaining someone is coming. There must’ve been something in this dog’s heart saying that his soul mate was near because he couldn’t sit still. Is this a sign that dogs can actually fall in love?! Watch what happens when they finally see each other!

Now, THIS is a reunion! Why don’t our dogs greet us like this after we come home from a vacation?! Maybe they would if we were gone for five months. Did you see the pup scratch at the window? Aww! He needed to get out of that car ASAP. These two will be attached at the hip from now on. 

“The greatest love story in dog history ❤️,” said @Henry Friedman. This is the kind of love that makes best sellers or box-office hits! “They know. They remember ❤️,” added @Aimee Schommer. That confirms it, dogs do fall in love! Another commenter, @Onimaru, pointed out, “That’s 35 in human months. OMG. When you put it like that, that’s seriously an eternity! 

The best part of this story is that these two are together forever now! The creator wrote in the comments that the dogs pulled a “Parent Trap” (lol smart doggos!) and now they all live together. Ugh, that’s so amazing! We’re going to need an explanation on how that happened, though. And please never let them go this long apart. Our hearts won’t be able to handle it.