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Dad Makes His Daughter Sit in the Back Seat So the Dog Can Ride Shotgun and We're Loving It

All dog parents can agree that our dogs are our kids. Because of this, we give them the same privileges we give our human children. As is the case with any set of siblings, things can get competitive between our pups and our kids. This happened for one family and the result is amazing.

TikTok user and content creator @urstepsistaaa recently shared a video showing us what her family dynamic is like. In the video, her dad is driving his truck and the family dog is riding shotgun while she is forced to sit in the back seat! Check out the video to see how their pup was enjoying his priority seat.

This is just too awesome. That dog is definitely enjoying the car ride with the way she is putting her head out the window to catch all the smells and see the pretty sunset. This dad definitely knows who gets first dibs!

People in the comments thought this dad was totally in the right to give the dog the passenger seat. @mrfridaynight65 said, "Dad has his priorities right!" and @arogers1317 commented, "But in his defense, that looks like a good doggo." The best seat for the best girl!

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Others cracked a few jokes about the situation! @img0dly commented, "You didn’t say shotgun first," and @nonamer3334 said, "Your old room is definitely the dogs room now." This pup deserves all the special treatment!

This user confirms there's no hard feelings between her and the pup, though. In a reply to one of the comments, she said, "She is a rescue who has been through a lot and has terminal cancer, so she deserves whatever makes her lil' heart happy while here." We love this, and are glad this pup is getting all the love and care she needs!

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