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Dog's Sad Face After Not Being Picked at Adoption Event Has Us Teary-Eyed

Being cute is hard work, but it's also emotionally exhausting to search for a forever family--just ask Goose the American Bully. The adorably chonky boy recently went viral after one of his unsuccessful adoption events, and TikTok is falling in love. When you see him, you'll see why!

Even though the video shows Goose falling asleep in the car after the event, it's a bittersweet reminder of what foster life really looks like. It warms our hearts to know that Goose gets to go to a home full of love with his foster mama, Rachel--who goes by @mustrescuedogs on TikTok--but we know his search is far from over.

Oh, Goose! We just adore this sleepy boy and his snorty snores, but we adore Rachel even more for fostering him. Her account is full of precious videos of this boy. How someone hasn't snatched him up yet, we have no idea. 

"I want this potato!" wrote commenter @jaderade777. So do we! Rachel confirmed that he is truely "the sleepiest potato," and now we think we're even more in love. If that's even possible! This American Bully is one lazy meatball, and he'd be a great buddy for a person who values rest as much as he does.

"Poor baby!!" @onelanestudios said. "I hope his family finds him soon. Meet and greet days are some of the toughest/most exhausting on our foster cats." It's another foster parent speaking from experience! We can only imagine the strength it takes to put yourself out there over and over again, so our hearts really go out to the people who help these animals through the process. You are angels on Earth!

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