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Dutiful Dog 'Saves' Little Girl From Kiddie Pool in Video That's Just Too Cute

Dogs love to protect their humans. Whether that’s from other dogs walking down the street or from delivery workers, dogs are always on alert for us. And you could say that's especially true for the little ones in the family. They love making sure nothing happens to the kids just as if it was one of their own, which is what happened in this video from Tiktok user @happygabby4.

The family's daughter was cooling off in the kiddie pool. She had her life vest on and a few adults watching her. There shouldn't have been any worries about her safety, but of course, the family dog couldn't take that chance. So he did what any other good doggo would do, he 'saves' her in the cutest way possible. No wonder this clip has over 5.1 million views! You'll be wanting to hire this life-saving doggo!

We're laughing and saying 'Aww' at the same time because well, it's so cute that the dog wanted to save this little girl. But we're also laughing because she didn't need any saving. LOL! @camyelle25 even pointed out, "The way she says, 'Oh my goodness,' 😂." It's as if she's sick of the dog always saving her and she just wants to play. Ha! Good for the dog though. He was alert and took care of his human! @Winnie and his Mom wrote, "His smile at the end! What a good boy!" YES! He was seriously so proud of himself! 

Another TikToker, @Karivillanueva26, said, "He's out here saving lives 😂😂😂." Someone get him a lifeguard sweatshirt because he's on duty 24/7! "She yelled pup said, 'NOT ON MY WATCH!'" commented @Ellie Onofre. And it didn't take long for the doggo to step up! "Dog said, 'Alright you're done. That's enough,'" added @mjcarterrrr. He's just getting ahead before it's too late! 

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Even the official TikTok of Walmart noticed this dog's impressive actions. The superstore wrote, "POV: your mom dragging you out of the toy aisle." LOL! Why is that so relatable?! At least this family knows the girl will always be in good paws!  

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