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Video of Dog 'Saving His Parents' Wedding Day' Has People Cheering

Involving your dog in your wedding is the next new thing--or at least that's what it seems like! From tail-wagging flower girls to some of the world's furriest ushers, there are so many ways a pup can share the spotlight on their parents' big day.

For Darcy the Golden Retriever, his role was incredibly important: he needed to save the day. With a little help from the best man and some cinematic artistry, this fun-loving pup got to make his parents' wedding more than special. Darcy and his family shared these sweet antics on his family's TikTok account, @darcy_boris_lily, and don't worry--no ceremonies were harmed in the making of this memory!

Wow--whoever made this video put so much effort into it. No wonder it's a hit! With starring actors like Darcy and Benny the sheep, though, there's no way this would've flopped. The only complaint anyone had in the comments was that "that was way too damn long," but we're not sure we agree with @primcessbubbledumb. To each their own--but honestly, is there even such a thing as a dog video that's too long?

No, no there is not. There's also no such thing as "too cute," though if there were, Darcy would be pretty dang close. For @darthghibi, the moment that broke the cuteness meter came toward the video's final moments. "I’m sorry… did he say his name is Mr. Darcy 😭❤️," she asked. "How cute!" 

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Of course, that's only one highlight of this adorable video. @Delaney_lee1 commented, "the fact that you made a whole movie for this is so cute!! It’s so unique and fun!" We absolutely agree, and we don't know why this isn't a more popular thing! Who wouldn't love watching a pup save a wedding?

Not @Rayosunshine12-- she totally loved the dramatic project. "WHY DID THIS ALMOST MAKE ME CRY??" she posted. Because it's so freaking precious! Don't worry, we'll pass the tissues, but mind ya business if you catch us watching this on repeat. It's only every dog mama's dream!

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