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Woman's Story of How Her Rescue Dog 'Saved Her' During a Difficult Divorce Is So Emotional

TikTok user @bows_of_bella was having a difficult time going through a divorce. So she decided to go to the local animal shelter to get some much-needed doggy serotonin. Because well, who wouldn’t want to play with some doggos to feel better?

She wasn't looking to adopt, but that quickly changed when she stepped into the shelter. There was one dog in particular that captured her heart and the rest is history. Check out their story!  

Aww! We're so happy that these two found each other. They clearly needed one another to lean on and grow. And it's so, so sweet that this is her first dog. Once you have one, you can't stop! 

"BEAUTIFUL girl!! What you get back from her will be a million times more. Shelter babies are the best" commented @hapuna808. That's why people always say adopt, don't shop. Shelter animals will give the most love out of any animal. And we have a feeling Bella knew what kind of hurt this TikToker was feeling and that's why she's so full of love. 

Another TikTok user, @shanrich5969, wrote, "She is beautiful and you both need and love each other." You seriously can't live without a fur friend by your side once you get one. A bestie for life! @Luvmygs added, "Awww she’s beautiful!! Best therapy and meds ever!❤️Wishing you many adventures." We just know Bella is going to her get through this chapter of her life. 


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