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Video of Dog Clearly Saying the Name 'Adam' Is Tough to Deny

Dogs are always looking for unique ways to get their owner's attention. When they feel they aren't being given enough love, they will be sure to let you know and demand more kisses and pets. One pup is especially skilled at capturing the attention of his family with this surprising skill.

TikTok user @jules_music27 recently shared a video of her French Bulldog, Stevie, as he tried to get the attention of his dad, Adam. In the video, this Frenchie does not hold back in his attempt to talk to Adam, and the result is too good to miss. Check out how this interaction went down in the video below!

OMG, this dog was totally saying his dad's name! Stevie was desperate to get Adam's attention and didn't hold back. This is such an interesting example of an animal learning to associate a sound to a person and repeating that sound. Amazing!

People in the comments were astounded at how clearly this pup said Adam's name. @maligie02 said, "OMG he really said his name!" and @dogstonfrenchie commented, "The pup definitely understood the assignment of getting Adam's attention!" Stevie did what he needed to do!

Others were amazed at how adorable Stevie is. @sugarskulllover7069 commented, "Oh my goodness, my heart just melted I love it," and @biancabotha7791 said, "Cuteness overload." This is so precious that we can't stop watching!

It seems like this pup has heard Adam's name yelled a few too many times. On the bright side, Stevie now has a guaranteed method of getting his dad's attention!

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