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Dog Says Goodbye to Staff After 500 Days in the Shelter in Emotional Video

Across the country, there are many wonderful people who work hard in shelters to get the animals adopted. When an adoption does happen, it is a joyous, yet sad occasion, because this pet that they have developed a relationship with is leaving with their new family. When one long term pup at a shelter was recently adopted, the staff had a special celebration planned to say goodbye to him.

TikTok user @sweetbuffalototherescue helps shelter and rescue animals in the Buffalo, New York region find their forever homes. They recently shared a video of a sweet Pit Bull that had been in the shelter for 500 days say goodbye to the shelter workers before going home with his new parents. Check out the video below to see their goodbyes during this emotional moment!

Awww, this is so sweet! It's awesome how each worker gave him a lei necklace and a treat as a parting gift. We are so happy this Pittie was finally adopted, but we're sorry that he has to say goodbye to the wonderful workers that have been taking care of him. He was clearly well loved by the staff at this shelter!

People in the comments were very excited for this pup and his owners to get to know each other. @grannygirl2356 said, "Crying with such joy. May his new owners have years of love from the dog and vice versa." Another user, @mads_sturdivant, commented, "Sweet angel. OMG, I’m so excited for him." This pup deserves every good thing he has coming his way!

Others noticed that this pup may have had a favorite shelter worker, such as @mnick331, who commented, "Awesome. The pup seems to really love the fourth guy that he jumped up on! Awww." Luckily for the pup, this wasn't the last time he saw his favorite shelter employee! Below is a second video that was shared showing a reunion between the two best friends.

This is just so wholesome! It is certainly sad to say goodbye, but we couldn't be more thrilled that this pup will finally have the chance to live comfortable in a home full of love. We think his new owners should schedule weekly playdates with his favorite worker, though!

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