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Golden Retriever's Scared Reaction to Charger Is Too Hilarious for Words

We tend to think our dogs are our protectors, not scared of anything thrown their way. But the reality is, some dogs are afraid of just about everything. They're even scared of the tiniest items that they probably see every single day. 

For instance, TikTok doggo @daisythegoldiee's owner captured this scaredy-cat of a dog trying to come closer to the couch, but oh no! A charging cord was blocking her. The Golden Retriever's reaction and attempt to get over the cord is seriously the funniest thing we've seen all week. 

Poor Daisy! She just wanted to come over to her owner for snuggles and the very scary, intimidating charger was in her way. LOL! We can't help but laugh because of all things to be scared of, why this tiny, thin cord!? 

"The build-up to the overwhelming failure is perfect," said @savagelymediocre. She kept backing up and then going forward as if the cord would magically go away. LOL! That has us thinking, why didn't this owner just move it for this sweetie?! "You better move that cord," wrote @actuallyadog. That's what we're saying!

But in the end, Daisy did conquer her fears or at least she tried. HA! "Swing and a miss," commented @jamesrhodes485. She was sooo close to sticking the landing. The back paw just grazed the cord and her face when that happened is priceless! "Dogs can be so dramatic," added @gamgamsjams. You can say that again! 


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