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Dog's Reaction to Seeing a Bird Mid-Drink Is Hilariously Adorable

Dogs are very observant. Even if they're preoccupied with playing or eating, they're always on alert. That's especially true with German Shorthaired Pointers. Don't believe us, just watch this clip from TikTok user @chloehagie

This owner was holding up a cup of water for her dog to drink. He must've been playing because he was downing that water. But then, out of nowhere, he heard what is probably his favorite sound and his reaction is cracking us up! 

LOL! We honestly don't expect anything less than this reaction. German Shorthaired Pointers are known as hunting dogs so whenever they hear a bird, they're laser-focused. Their birdy senses are tingling! This video is just further proof they are definitely bird dogs.

"I love when they glitch," commented @ohyeahshebomb. Ha! That is actually the perfect word to describe this. It does look like the doggo glitched with the long pause mid-drink. @curious_clifford added, "He said, 'Hold that thought.'" He'll worry about the water later, birds are more important at the moment. Duh, mom! And did anyone else notice that car horn? It was timed PERFECTLY! @aswiftly.tiltingplanet said, "The beep was his bird-detecting alarm." Ha! 

If you're wondering whether or not other dogs are like this, they are! @chrissy.elle1 said, "My dog did that eating her first pup cup." What!? Never in a million years did we think dogs would stop in the middle of their pup cups. The dedication to birds is on another level that we never realized before!


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