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Dog's Excited Response to Seeing Grandma Across the Street Couldn't Be More Perfect

There is no love like the love that your pup has for its grandmother. It cannot be surpassed! Probably that's because grandmas are known for spoiling their grandkids — fur kids included. So it's no wonder that one pup was so darn excited to see her grandmother's house across the street and the video is something you need to see. 

It really says something that Ramsey was so excited to see her granny. As can be seen in the video shared by her owner Stephanie Vance (@stephvance13), the sweet girl was glued to the window just to catch a glimpse at the one she loves the most. "When you live across the street from your mom and your dog loves her grandma!" the video's caption reads. We can't with this video. You need to see the pup's excited reaction. Take a look!

The comments section couldn't get over all this cuteness. "She truly loves that woman and would protect her with her life," @ladyykidd wrote. "Grandma has a white car, recently the next door neighbor got a new car that is white. My sweet boy thinks it's Grandma visiting every day now," @mipostalchick17 shared. "My BabyGirl does the same thing when her grandma comes over, she goes crazy," @lilmamabaddie26 chimed in. "She’s so excited! I need to see them together now!" @bark.ho added. 

To which Vance delivered. She later shared a video of grandma paying Ramsey a visit and it's the best thing you'll see today. 

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Look at that tail! Ramsey is the happiest when grandma's around — and we're sure the feeling is mutual.

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