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Dog's Confused Response to Seeing Hail for the First Time Makes Us Go 'Aww'

Having a dog means getting to see the world through their eyes. Including seeing all their firsts. Everything is new and cool to a puppy — even one dog on TikTok who was absolutely stunned when he saw hail for the first time. His reaction is too funny!

TikTok creator and musician KC Lynn of Canada (@kclynnmusic) loves featuring her dog Winter on her page. KC loves sharing their cozy moments at home together — whether that be going in for a snuggle or getting in a quick exercise session. But KC just had to capture Winter's very first hail. "Dog meets hail for the first time," the video's text overlay reads. Winter looks so confused!

At first Winter is willing to give the hail a try, but then...nope, nope. nope. "I don't like it MOM," the text overlay states. "Mom the sky hit me!" KC joked in the caption. 

The adorable footage has been watched almost 4 million times and people were laughing so hard. "The little slip trying to run from the hail," @stephanielisamari teased in the comments section. "Dude had to double take to make sure he wasn't wrong haha," @claudio_boosted joked. "He’s like 'dis not rain! Why do we live somewhere that hurts?!'" @jaxonsmama20 kidded. "It was the one right off the noggin’ that did it for him. Lol," @jenniferkendall6 teased.

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If you need any more Winter cuteness, another video on the page shows how the pup cools down on a hot day — a hose! "Winter has a new favorite toy I guess," the caption reads.

So cute!

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