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Video of Dog Seeing Her New House for the First Time Couldn’t Be Any Sweeter

Moving is always so stressful. You have to pack up your life into boxes, hire movers (if you’re lucky), just to unpack it all again into a new space. Then, you have to factor in the new neighborhood, navigating your way around. It all can lead to a big headache. We can’t forget how difficult it might be if you’re moving with a pet. They could be very sad leaving what is their normal, but sometimes change is good. 

Luckily for TikTok user @alexstarrrr, his dog was all about accepting change and a new home. He recently filmed his dog’s reaction to walking to their new house. They still have to move in furniture, but he figured why not get his four-legged baby into the house to be familiarized with it. The pup’s reaction to the pad is everything!

Aww! She really couldn’t believe this was all for her! Well, not just for her. LOL! Although, the way she ran up those stairs to pick out a bedroom she might think it’s all for her. He’d better be careful because it looks like she went and picked out the master bedroom… ha! Sneaky sneaky! 

@Linda Rossman Willia had an idea of what was running through this dog’s mind while exploring the house. The comment said, “So much room for activities!” Hopefully, she gets her running all out before the furniture comes. Luckily she has an amazing back yard where she can get her zoomies out! Another commenter, @Vi_Poser13, said, “‘She loves it…that’s all that matters.” Is there something more than love because we think this dog more than just loves this house. 

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If they needed it, their dog's reaction is a for sure sign that this is the perfect house for them! 

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