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Dog's 'Selfie' With Pittsburgh Wedding Party Is the Most Frame-Worthy Pic We've Ever Seen

Weddings are all about the bride...or at least they used to be. Pet parents know that even their fur babies get to be a part of their big day, and if the pup thinks the wedding's for him? So be it. 

Even if the dog doesn't see himself as the star of the show, it's @fairytailpetcare's job to make him feel like he is. This innovative company in Pittsburgh, PA provides private dog sitting for the entirety of your special day, including the ceremony. That's where they took this epic selfie of Brody the Golden Retriever, and we're oh-so-glad they did. If we were Brody's parents, we'd have this framed immediately! Forget those wedding portraits...

We just can't get over this good boy! He looks so happy to be included in his parents' wedding, even if he thinks the gathering is all for him. Shh--no one tell him! Just listen to @enbylizzard instead: "It was his big day 😭."

Absolutely! Certainly, no one would object to this guy stealing the spotlight. "I mean I'm sure I wouldn't be the only one staring at that cutie 😏," commented @stacyndavis6. Let us be the first one to confirm, you would not be the only one staring at Brody instead of his beautiful bride mama.

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Heck, this Golden may as well officiate the ceremony! We'd like to think @alicegoldbraykh feels the same. She wrote, "me for my wedding: I need 1 photographer taking pics of my dog, and 1 for the actual wedding." Um, yes please! This should be the new normal, we're declaring it now. 

@Marycate is on exactly the same page! "I would be absolutely okay if most of my wedding photos consisted of my furbaby having his best time! 🤣," she said. LOL--us, too. We all know pups are more photogenic, anyway.

As gorgeous as Mr. Brody is, @david.goforth couldn't help but notice "😂 He looks so happy," too! That's the stuff we love to see. What could possibly be better than a happy dog? 

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