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Dog's Sweet Reaction to Getting Her 'Shake Shack' Order Makes Us So Happy

Everyone loves ice cream. It is a universally loved sweet treat for its variety of flavors, smooth texture, and refreshing taste. Additionally, it's not just humans who like this tasty food—dogs are especially fond of it as well. One pup was on the hunt for some ice cream and would not rest until she got a serving!

TikTok user @lilybug_lpb recently shared a video of her Pit Bull, LilyBug, taking an excursion to Shake Shack in order to get her Poochini. In her previous video of LilyBug, she tried to go to Shake Shack, but it was too early in the morning and they weren't open yet, so her mom brought her back! Check out the video to see Lily enjoy this wonderful treat.

Awww, LilyBug is such a good girl! We are so happy that she was able to get her Poochini, and she even got some french fries while waiting. That is some top-notch customer service!

People in the comments were thrilled that this pup finally got her ice cream. @hairbymichelleweiss said, "And now the world is right again," and @marne_chavetti commented, "I’m so happy for her! She needs to be the spokesperson!" Shake Shack would do so much business with LilyBug doing their official advertisements!

Others couldn't get over how cute LilyBug is. @eternally_figs commented, "Happy girl! So cute!" and @appleuser49754747 said, "This is so cute! You made my day." LilyBug automatically brightens the day of everyone she encounters!

What a wonderful day for everyone! LilyBug got her much-deserved ice cream, and we know seeing her made those employees' day. Hopefully, for them and for LilyBug, she becomes a daily visitor!

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