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Mom Cracks Up When She Finds Out Why Her Dog Didn't Greet Her at the Door

Rachelle Payne was probably scratching her head when her dog Luna didn't come and greet her at the door one day. But where she found the pup once she went inside was just too funny. Apparently, Luna had gotten herself just a wee bit stuck when her mama wasn't home. And now people online are laughing after watching the dog try and figure out how to get free. 

It just goes to prove that dogs are always getting into trouble when we aren't looking. But thankfully in this case it was all put on tape. "I just walked into the house and Luna didn't come to the door," Payne (@rachellepay7) explained from behind the camera. Fair warning there's some slight swearing in the footage, so make sure you watch it away from the kiddos.

Poor Luna had gotten herself stuck in the sheets! Payne was laughing so hard she could barely breathe. But don't worry Luna was totally okay. 

Over 3 million people have watched the dog owner's video and people couldn't stop making jokes. "She’s like MOM HELP this thing has me!!!" @tennessee.raine teased. "That tail is saying 'I welcome you home mama still I swear,'' @kharben_copy joked. "Legend says she’s under the blankets to this very day," @programmer.eric quipped. "That’s ME tryna get outta bed I’m like a rotisserie chicken and get all tangled up in the covers!" @mannix__777 kidded. 

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Some people really worried that Luna was in trouble, but later in the thread Payne explained that the pup was never in any danger. "The blanket is not 'air tight' it is not wrapped around, she is standing on it," she explained. "If you have never owned a Pit then you do not know they cuddle everything!" she added. 

So there you have it — just a Pittie doing Pittie things.

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