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Video of Dog Left at Shelter After Her Human Got Divorced Is Just Heartbreaking

Our hearts are absolutely breaking for the story about a dog name Smoke. TikTok user @sannejjj is doing amazing work by sharing information about dogs in shelters who need forever homes and she recently shared information about Smoke. The saddest part is that Smoke once had a forever family, but she still ended up in a shelter.

As it turns out, this beautiful dog’s person got divorced. But instead of bringing Smoke along in the next chapter of their life, Smoke is now in a shelter. Watching her in this clip will break your heart in two.

Ugh, stop it. We can’t handle this. We broke down hearing that Smoke’s owner went off and moved abroad without her. We will never know why. All that matters now is finding Smoke a new loving forever and ever home.

“Crazy how someone could do that to that sweet baby!!” said @stephfriday. Right?! The caption says Smoke is very calm, friendly and loves company. Sounds like the absolute perfect dog! “Never, ever could or would I do this!!! My fur babies are family!” added @janetstaypositive4.

@plan9tor wrote, “Please someone save Smoke. She doesn’t deserve this.” She doesn’t deserve this in the slightest. We’ll never understand leaving your four-legged bestie behind, but it happens. We just hope someone out there can show Smoke that she’s so, SO loved. For more information about Smoke, please visit the Animal Rescue Algarve website.

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