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Video of Dog Tattling on His Fur Sibling Is Absolutely Hysterical

Siblings. Sometimes you're BFFs and other times you are the worst of enemies. Although if we had to guess two dogs on TikTok are probably the latter. That's because one of the dogs completely ratted his sibling out for sneaking some people food and the video of him getting his fur sibling in trouble is too funny. 

The video was reposted to the Cutest Animals (@cutestanimals1412) TikTok page. And yep, this is pretty darn cute. The video starts off with one the dogs barking for his human's attention. The camera follows her as she winds around their house to locate him, but when she gets there it's a scene that no pet parent wants to find. Nilla Wafers everywhere! "One complaining dog, the other can't believe he's been betrayed!" the video's captions reads. Take a look at the other dog's face when his mom gets there. He looks guilty as charged.

With almost 500,000 views, people on the internet couldn't stop talking about the adorable tattle-tale. "He looks so upset with the snitch like how could you???" @juniperrose717 wrote. "He wanted to make sure you knew who did it, he's not going down for nobody," @peachystoned27 joked. "YOU JUST HAD TO TELL MOM BECAUSE I DIDN'T SHARE," @gateway2urheart exclaimed. 

And another person has felt the pup's pain. "Wow! That's my twin brother when I snuck in at 3 a.m. as a teenager," @jkeffeler teased.

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See what we mean? Siblings are always pulling something. Luckily for this pup, his crime wasn't too terrible and we're pretty confident his mama will let it slide.

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