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Golden Retriever's Hilarious Reaction to Food Coming Too Slow Is All Too Relatable

We've probably all been there before. You're at a restaurant and you're absolutely starving. You don't say a word to anyone you're with because it might come out in the form of hangriness. You're so hungry that you might start eating the table. And of course, it seems like the food service is taking extra long. It's one of the worst feelings in the world. That's why we feel for this Golden Retriever who is in a very similar boat.  

TikTok user @aimoon89 captured the most relatable video of the family dog. The creator's sweet Golden Retriever was lying down on the floor next to a contraption we'd never seen before. It's actually a dispenser that dogs have to work at to get their meal. Dogs press their paw on a button and out comes the food. But this doggo wasn't too impressed with the service and her reaction is how we've all felt before waiting for our food! 

LOL! She was so upset that more food wasn't coming. To be fair, one little nibble at a time?! That's outrageous and we agree with @tonyv333 who said, "1 snack per hit that's a big joke." Right?! We'd sigh too! @user4394283899399 added, "The sign of regret. Shouldn't have ate my snacks so quick 😂." Omg, this is all too relatable!

She pretty much gave up and rested her head on the button. Even TikTok user @Lisa Byrnes pointed out, "The 'just in case' side look 😂." She was so hopeful! That's how we are while waiting at a restaurant, staring down the kitchen door. @sallydahlke said, "Hey! This contraption needs a refill!! 😂." LOL! Or needs a new setting to let out more treats!

Another TikTok user, @donnagriffin315, asked, "Does she get paid for working so hard? One kibble at a time then out the sigh, poor thing..." She deserves overtime pay for how hard she's working!