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Adorable Aussie Has Super Silly Way of Using Her Chew Toy

First things first, there is absolutely zero proof that Australian Shepherds are any less intelligent than any other breed of dog. They are highly trainable, capable of problem solving, and able to learn tricks and follow commands. But a lot of them are just complete and total utter goofballs. Adorable complete and utter goofballs. 

Just take this Australian Shepherd that belongs to TikTok user @MarleyAussiepaws. In the following (hilarious) video you can see how Marley uses her rubber chew toy. Dog, you are doing it wrong. 

Oh my goodness we love her! Another Australian Shepherd owner pipes in with @Mandy commenting, "Every time someone tells me Aussies are sooo smart! I say yes mine is so pretty." @Kellabella943 adds, “Wow how do you keep your dog so quiet?” “Oh she gags herself” LOL, she made her own muzzle! @Marliemckee has been through all of this before, saying "Omg my dog has the same toy, and does the same thing!! She will also get one paw stuck through it, and continue walking like that lol." 

We know these dogs are incredibly smart, so at this point it's obvious that this is just the fault of the toy. We call manufacturing defect! 

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