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Video of Dog Playing the Piano and Singing Has People Obsessed

Some animals definitely have human-like behaviors, but after seeing this viral TikTok video of a dog who sings and plays the piano, you might be convinced that he's some kind of super breed. The clip was shared by @iamkydd810, and with over a million views, people just cannot get enough of this passionate pup.

The text on the video reads, "My dog loves to sing and play the piano," and boy, does he ever! He totally seems to understand exactly what he's doing, to the point where he's singing with so much soul, you have to wonder what he's howling about. If you're a sucker for dogs who howl like they're trying to get a point across, you'll love this guy.

Somebody get this pup a record deal or his own bar gig, stat! Commenters couldn't wait to weigh in on this one, and it's safe to say that everyone is pretty impressed with this dog's musical talent. @Thomas Miller said, "Man, he got the blues 🎶." And @bambi3767 added, "That last note… the pain in his voice, the control, brilliant! 🥰😂."

Another TikTok user, @Sound Meditation thinks the pup has star potential, saying, "Get that dog on America's Got Talent 😳." Then there was @Brian Grijalva, who put in his two cents on the dog's skills: "He’s like Fergie mixed with Jesus." LOL.

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There were also people who asked if this pup does birthday parties, and one commenter suggested that he play at weddings. 

Hmm. Wonder if he has a whole repertoire or if he just plays and sings the same tune over and over again? He definitely seemed to be in his feelings with this particular song, so it must be one of his greatest hits.

Whoever owns this musical genius certainly has more than their fair share of free entertainment. They might want to think about charging their friends admission to the dog's shows from here on out!

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