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Dog's Spot-On Karaoke Performance of 'Who Let the Dogs Out' Is Nothing Short of Epic

Everyone likes to cut loose with a little karaoke — it’s pure, unadulterated fun. But you know who else likes to belt it during a karaoke sesh? A Golden Retriever on TikTok. Yep, you read that right, a dog. The future American Idol star has everyone online talking after absolutely nailing a 2000s classic.

The dog, Gidget, didn’t back down when she was called up to the mic to sing the early aughts song. In the video shared on the @gidgetandgordie TikTok page, her owner holds the mic in front of her face, while the Baha Men song, “Who Let The Dogs Out,” plays off screen. “Who let the dogs out?” the songs plays. And then Gidget chimes in with three loud barks, perfectly on cue. “She did it!” her owner exclaimed. “Karaoke queen!” she added in the caption. You guys? It's totally epic.

By the end of the video, it was official. Gidget had won herself some fans. “When are tickets on sale for her concert?” @sparrowtherapypack joked. “She nailed it! @djmyzel_08 wrote. “She was ready for that cue,” @latinas.create agreed. “She’s been waiting for that moment her whole life!” @thechicavocato added.

Apparently, Gidget frequently barks “in threes,” as can be seen in an earlier video on the dog’s page. So yes, in some ways she really had been preparing for that moment her whole life.

Way to go Gidget! Don't forget us little people when you make it big.