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Dog's Reaction to Human Sister Packing for College Has Us in Our Feelings

Sending your teen off to college is a big milestone. But you know who is going to miss them just as much as you do? Your pets. Nothing illustrates this more than a video that's gone viral on TikTok, which shows one dog looking pretty darn heartbroken after catching his human getting ready to leave for school. 

We're sure that TikTok creator @madelynstorm4 was just as sad when she realized that her dog had walked into her room and caught her stuffed suitcase. But it was the look on his little face that has us nearly in tears. "When your dog walks in on you packing for college," the video's text overlay reads. Oof, now we're all in our feels. Check the video out below to see the emotional video below. 

"Brb crying," his owner wrote in the caption. We weren't the only ones getting all worked up and the video has since been watched over 2.9 million times. 

"He's like whats this? Where you going?" @lauren.saurus wrote in the comments section. "Say your sorry," @emma.boers demanded. "You’re not allowed to leave now," @livmpxx warned. 

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And other commenters shared their own stories of leaving their pup's behind at home. "MY DOG HOPPED INTO THE CAR WHEN I WAS LOADING IT UP AND I ALMOST CRIED," @jillian.haig shared "My dog waited every day in the bay window thinking I would come back on the school bus like I always did before," @heynowsarah added. "No because mine starts shaking. She’s my best friend," @julied.5 commented. 

Don't worry too much, little buddy. She'll be back for Christmas break real soon.

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