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Dog’s Reaction to Little Boy Being Put In Time Out Is Totally Priceless

Do you remember as a kid being put in timeout if you did something bad? You’d have to silently sit in a corner, not talk to anyone or have anything with you. Boredom would come over you instantly. You might’ve even shed a tear or two and you vowed to yourself you’d never get back to time out. Well, maybe timeout wouldn’t have been so bad if we had a dog come to the rescue as this little boy did. 

TikTok mom @themrskofoed recently shared a clip of her son in time out. But it wasn’t just her son this time. One of the family dogs was over by the wall with her son offering support. Blue, the Australian Shepherd, didn’t want to leave his bestie alone while he was in time out. So Blue stood in between the son and the wall to be a comfort tool, but mom said no. She gave Blue the option if he wanted to be in timeout also, and what Blue does is just perfect! 

Aww! We’re not saying aww because they both were in time out, no one wants that. We’re saying aww because we can’t believe Blue would risk being in timeout to comfort the little boy! He wanted to be a supportive best friend. That’s true love right there! 

TikTok users are flooding the comments with observations of how these two time out-ers were handling the situation together. @momofs1x wrote, “The gentle hand ✋🏽 like sit Blue we together in this 😅.” Aww! Just as Blue was trying to comfort the son, the little boy wanted to comfort Blue! The boy even was trying to get Blue to sit so mom could stop yelling. LOL! They’re just looking out for each other! 

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@allih0430 commented on what Blue said back to mom,  “He’s not in time out, we’re in time out.’ LOL! Double or nothing! “Blue volunteers as tribute,” added @SMK8387. Hopefully, neither of them has to volunteer to go in time out again! 

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