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Dog's Reaction to Owner Saying Any Word That Starts With 'S' Is Just Too Cute

Dogs are pretty smart animals and can usually learn various words from their owner through repetition, similar to how dogs learn commands or their name. On pup took it a step further and learned how to recognize sounds in this stroke of genius.

In the viral TikTok video posted by @chuckthedo0d, we see Charlie the Goldendoodle's owners discover a pattern that happens anytime Charlie hears a word that starts with 'S' and decide to hold a little experiment testing out that pattern. They recorded the footage and shared it on TikTok for a video that is too cute. Check out the video to see how Charlie reacts when he hears words that start with 'S'!

This is so funny! Charlie recognizes the 'S' sound, which he associates with his sit command, and takes any 'S' word as his cue to sit.

People in the comments of the video were very impressed with how hard Charlie was trying to follow his commands! @somegirlfrancesca said, "Aw, Charlie is doing GREAT!" and @glomagillitutty commented, "That dog is amazingly intelligent." Charlie is truly modern, canine Einstein!

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Others came up with funny ideas for which words to try next. @teelowe98 commented, "Tell people he understands Spanish by saying 'Siéntate!' and watching him sit." Another user, @intentionallyliving23, suggested the common alliterative phrase, "Sally sells seashells down by the sea shore," to which Charlie's mom replied, "He would have a stroke." Too funny! It would definitely be interesting to see how he responds to more obscure 'S' words.

Charlie is so smart that he should host his own doggy training class!

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