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Video of Dog's First Restful Sleep After Being Adopted From the Shelter Is the Best

Animals have a very difficult time in shelters. Despite the best efforts from staff members, it can be an uncomfortable and scary experience. This is why pets will often have a noticeable change in behavior or demeanor after they are adopted, because they finally feel safe and comfortable. One dog mom noticed this with her new rescue, and it is adorable.

TikTok user @dailydoseofolive recently shared a video of her rescue dog, Olive, from her first morning in her new home. In the video, Olive is laying sprawled out on her back and snoozing without a care in the world, evidently comfortable in her new living arrangements. Check out the video to see the heartwarming and adorable moment.

Aww, we are so happy that Olive was so pleased with her new home! In just a short amount of time, she warmed up to her new home and family, and this makes us dog lovers feel all warm and fuzzy inside.

People in the comments are thrilled to see Olive so comfortable in her new home and were very sympathetic to her shelter experience. @youresopunny said, "Not only can she relax physically but, now, emotionally too," and @leezanicole_ commented, "Poor thing, she’s exhausted from all the stress and anxiety she was put through." It can be very hard for dogs to relax enough to get a restful sleep in noisy and chaotic shelters! 

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Others shared stories of their own rescues' sleeping habits after their adoption. @c0ll33n__ commented, "My dog slept for like 2 days straight when I brought him home from the shelter." Another user, @hcooley429, said, "Sweet baby!! My shelter dog slept basically nonstop for three days when we brought her home." We're glad these rescues took full advantage of their new, safe environment by catching up on some much needed sleep.

Video like these are a great reminder of why it's so important to foster and adopt pups from shelters. It would provide a safe haven for sweet dogs like Olive who are in desperate need of some love and rest. Enjoy your new life, Olive!

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