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Dog’s Reaction to Realizing He’s Having a Sleepover With His Grandparents Is the Best

We’ve met Nosh and have seen his amazing reactions to seeing his grandparents before. Just saying their names, Savta (Grandma) and Boppa (Grandpa), gets Nosh all excited. And even though we've shared similar clips of Nosh before, we can't help but share another! It's hard not to when you see this sweet Australian Cattle Dog get so animated about his “grandpawrents.” 

In the latest clip of Nosh, posted to TikTok account @sky.q, he is sitting in the backseat of the car when his mom asked him the best question of his life: "Do you want to have a sleepover at Savta and Boppa's house?" It took a few moments for Nosh to register what that meant. Or maybe he was figuring out the best way to say yes without screaming in his mom's ear. LOL! Let's hope mom drives straight to their house because we don't think Nosh can hang on any longer! 

Aww! Nosh couldn’t stop crying. He wanted Savta and Boppa immediately! That’s how you know they treat him well. To be fair, grandparents always treat their grandchildren extra nicely. Nosh probably gets all the snuggles and treats he could want at their house! We’d want to go to their house too if we were in his paws! 

“No teasing mom! 😉,” said @Melba Martinez. She’d better not be joking! Another commenter, @dianedouglas2001, added, “Mom don’t ask me… put the pedal to the metal. Let’s go!” Do not pass go, do not collect money, go straight to their house!

“He’s like, why you keep doing this to me gworlllll. I just love his reactions,” wrote @Itsmrsgreenetoyou. Nosh has the best reactions that are just so sweet and genuine. And now that it’s no longer a 20-hour drive to their house, we hope Nosh gets to see them all the time!