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Precious Dog Who Smiles on Command Has Everyone Falling in Love

Dogs love to make their owners happy. When they successfully learn commands, they react positively because we get excited and praise them for their good work. One pup learned the ultimate command all on his own to always give his mom a serotonin boost, and we can't stop watching.

TikTok user @mykomushroom recently shared a video of her rescue dog, Myko, that is melting hearts all over the internet. In the video, Myko's mom tells him that she's feeling kind of sad, and she makes a request: she asks Myko to smile for her. Myko is a good boy and responds by licking his cheeks a few times before showing the most adorable smile! Check out the video to fall in love with Myko just like we did.

Awww, Myko is just the sweetest pup! It's amazing that he understands how to smile as a dog and was able to learn this command. Dogs are truly some of the smartest animals!

People in the comments are eating up this Myko content. @staceywelch56 said, "Omg! I have not seen anything this precious in ages!" and @lalagirl79 commented, "Aww, Myko has the best smile ever!" His smile makes him look like the most polite pup ever!

Others are saying how badly they needed this dose of serotonin to booster their mood. @littl3bit86 commented, "Omg. This. This is what I needed right now. Thank you for sharing it with us." Another user, @debbiequitter, said, "Aww, this made my day. Thank you for sharing this. Anytime I feel sad, I will look at this video. Love the bowtie and, of course, Myko." This video is proven to be the cure for any bad mood!

We just love how Myko learned how to smile and is using these skills to cheer up his mom! Dogs are such smart and empathetic creatures, we just know Myko learned how to smile to make his mom feel better.