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Dog Mom Catches Her Lab Smiling at Her and It's Beyond Precious

If we had to guess how many times a day our dogs make us smile, the number would easily be in the dozens, if not hundreds. There's seriously a lot to love about a pup, from the positions they sleep in to the sweet ways they ask for attention. That's why we appreciate @heather_e_fair's adorable viral video! 

In the clip, Heather's yellow Labrador--whose name is Bella-- literally smiles at her as she stands nearby. The pup looks super comfortable snuggled up on the sofa like she is, but that smile truly speaks for itself.

What a sweetheart! This dog's smile could capture anyone's heart, but the commenters are especially smitten. 

@Moosmom6491 wrote, "I’m swooning and he’s smiling at you! What a beautiful smile." It's seriously the best! A happy fur baby is the cutest thing we can think of, and Bella is definitely happy.

"Dogs, cats, pets [are the] best, most wonderful things in this life ever," @vintagespider6 said. "We don’t deserve them." You said it! Pets can bring unimaginable joy to anyone's life, and the least we can do is love them back as best as we can. If Bella's smile says anything, it's that her mama is doing a great job caring for her!

And then there's @leeleenicole1980, who had a very different kind of comment to share: "That’s so cute. My lab does this right before she throws up." LMAO! We're sure we wouldn't be laughing if it were happening to us, but that mental image is just too funny.

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