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Golden Retriever Comforts Pregnant Mom Every Morning in Heartwarming Clip

We can't believe how in tune pets are with people's feelings. They just know when something is off, whether someone is feeling tired, sad or upset. They also share the happiness or excitement we feel too. They just want to share every feeling with us and it's truly the sweetest thing ever. We don't deserve them! 

Take for instance TikTok user @ash.kelle and her dog. She found out she was pregnant and almost instantly her Golden Retriever would stay by her side, laying on her stomach. How did the dog know she was pregnant?! The dog would stay snuggled in bed with her every morning. But our words don't do it justice. This adorable compilation video has over 1.8 million views and it's everything you need to start your day out on a sweet note! 

Aww! How cute is this?! Somehow how her dog instantly knew she was pregnant so the dog decided to greet her and the baby every morning with some snuggles. Her dog probably felt she was feeling more tired than usual and that she needed some comfort. And as many of us know, everything can be fixed with dog snuggles and kisses. Who wouldn't want to be woken up like this every morning?!

"It's been said they can actually hear the heartbeat," commented @MiKayla Wilson. We 100% believe that after this clip! So not only can they feel our emotions, they can detect babies. LOL! We once again don't deserve pets!

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Another TikTok user, @TikiFluid, added, "THE WAY SHE NUDGED HER FACE CLOSER INTO THE BABY I CANT 😭😭❤️." She just wants to help in any way she can! Ugh, so sweet! "So nice of you to have a baby for your dog!" said @itsjustrobyrn. HA! At least this mom knows her baby will have someone to watch over her little one. A built-in best friend from the very first day! 

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