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Viral Video of Puppy Snuggling His New Owner in Bed Couldn't Be More Precious

TikTok creator @greenybeany420 posted a clip with the caption, “Here’s a serotonin boost for you.” And boy, she wasn’t wrong! We instantly felt better after watching this adorable video and we know you will too. It honestly will even make you want to get a puppy.

She decided to bring her puppy named Dune into bed to wake up her partner. Who wouldn't wane to get woken up by a puppy?! That's the dream! Too bad her plan didn't really work in her favor. Dune had other plans. At least Dune's plan stole not only our hearts, but the hearts of 16.7 million others. And he's lucky that he's so cute otherwise he'd be taken off wake-up duty. LOL! 

Holy CUTE! Have you ever seen something so precious?! Seriously, we'd do anything to be woken up by Dune every morning. We wouldn't even mind if he woke us up at 5 a.m. It would totally be worth it! 

@bigpudgywoke wrote, "Go away. You're interrupting their nap." She needs to give them some alone time. LOL! Don't worry, she did. She responded to the comment and said she let them nap for another 30 minutes. Ugh, so cute! And she can't be mad at Dune because as @Just_Maul pointed out, "...He did his job." Exactly! And although it looked like Dune was napping, it was his technique of waking him up. Duh! 

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"I'm sorry to tell you but thats Sam's dog now😂," said @juicybubbles. True! Just from Sam and Dune sleeping together like that, you know their bond is special. We're sure the creator has a special connection with Dune too, but this one's unreal. @emandmarty added, "So meant to be it’s unreal, congrats, family." It really is a perfect fit! So welcome to the family Dune! 

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