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Pug's 'Spiderman Massage' Is Such a Fun Way to Pamper Our Dogs

This pug might possibly be the cutest superhero we've ever seen, and he's saving dogs everywhere from mediocre massages. It's @dougthepug! He and his mama teamed up to show us the adorable 'Spiderman Massage' for animals of all sizes, and TikTok is riveted. 

We just had to share this adorable video before trying it out on our own puppers. It was tons of fun, even if our dog had no clue what was going on!

We just adore everything about this video, from the details on set (did you see the spider pug newspaper?) to Doug's chill AF reaction. Even in full costume, he's nearly asleep! Commenter @adi_cakers___random loved "the way he had his tongue out" in pure bliss. Let's take that as proof that the massage works wonders! 

Besides, "massages are a must," for anyone--whether you're human or canine! @Perry_thepug said it best, but we have a feeling the majority agrees. Just like @hakigod_shanks wrote, "Doug probably recommends more of these lol." We know we certainly would! 

@Tannertheweeman had exactly the same thought we did when we saw this dog's Spiderman get-up: "spider-pug spider-pug." Fans of The Simpsons know the rest of the song! @Thepuggysmalls finished the line, "doing whatever a spider pug does." Now that'll be stuck in our heads for the rest of the day! For this cutie pie, though, it's worth it.

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