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Dog Alerts Mom That Something Is Watching Them From the Woods in Creepy Video

No one warned us spooky season was already here. We had to learn it the hard way after watching a very creepy video from TikTok user @amybaby.94. Her clip gives us a reminder to never walk or hike alone. And if you do, always ALWAYs trust your instincts. 

She was out on a walk in the woods with her toddler and Cane Corso. And they weren't walking in some random neck of the woods. They were on a walking path, on a route she's done before. But this time when they were walking, her dog stopped in her tracks. She starts staring in the distance. Something feels off. What they see will have you running to your dog for protection or running to get a guard dog if you don't already have one!

Holy! That is actually so freaky. You could definitely see a shadow or figure or maybe even a person moving. But it’s too far away that you can’t actually make it out. All we know is that we’d be running away, too! 

@Sarah Swanson speaks the truth, "Always trust your pet's instincts." A thousand times YES! They have a much better sense of smell and laser-sharp hearing. If they're sensing something is off, trust them! "If the dog doesn't want to go, don't go," added @A. Muse Mee. You can just tell the dog knew something wasn't right. Her body language said it all - ears perked up, stopping in her tracks. Smart thinking on the mom's part to get the heck outta there! 

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"That's a good dog, mama. Protecting her people," wrote @Kristal Cole. We don't deserve dogs but boy, are we so glad to have them. This video serves as a reminder to all of us - always bring your dog!

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