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Dog's Method to Dry Off After Getting Out of the Pool Is Pure Gold

We love watching our furry friends enjoy a summer day in the pool. It's so cool to see that they love jumping in the water, fetching toys and even lounging out in the sunshine. But the downside of dogs jumping into the pool is their sopping wet fur. And if you have a dog with long hair, you know how much of a nightmare it is to get them dry. So maybe it's time to teach them what this Australian Shepherd does to dry off.

TikTok user @sidneypoo captured the perfect moment of her dog as the pup comes out of the water. The text on the video says she does this every time she gets out of the pool. The soaking wet dog walks over to the side of the house, with a toy still in her mouth, where a chair and some floaties are sitting. She somehow uses all that to dry herself off and well, it's brilliant! 

LOL! She really walked in between the chair and floaties as if it was a squeegee. We told you that it was brilliant! She's really saving her pawrents time when they need to dry her off. Now if only we could get out dogs to try that too!

"Someone has seen the drive-thru car wash too many times," commented @puppie626. LOL! Guess she wasn't scared like most dogs are going to the car wash. @Jurassic added, "That's the rinse cycle😂." Ha! Seriously, she's so smart to be doing this. So smart and so silly! We'd never get tired of watching her squeegee herself! 

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"Did you tell her not to shake😂," asked @Melanie S. The creator responded by saying, "No. She’ll come shake on me after she goes through her little homemade car wash." LOL! So maybe her squeegeeing isn't as effective as we thought. At least the shake probably isn't as bad! 

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