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Dog Waits in the Rain So Her Owners Won't Leave Her Behind in Dramatic Viral Video

This dog knows how to work it. Not only is her name Squash--quite possibly one of the cutest names ever--but she is an absolutely adorable Bernedoodle who has mastered the art of manipulation. Nearly 7 million views later, her account, @squashiebernedoodle, is the proof!

You'll only need a few seconds to see why this particular video of her went viral. Not only is she just precious while she waits for her dads to pack for a road trip, but she is oh-so-dramatic too. With the rain, her longing stare, and the way she stands so close to the car, it's practically a soap opera scene. 

Just look at this leading lady!

She's waiting so intensely that she looks like a statue! That takes serious concentration, so you know Squash isn't letting her daddies leave without her. As funny and over-the-top as it is, it's honestly really sweet. "Oh that brings me to tears," commented @bettymorea. "She loves you so much." She really does!

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Other commenters could totally relate to Squash's dads because of their own clingy pups. "Our Bernedoodle will jump in the car and refuse to get out if he thinks we’re leaving him," wrote @ajprocrastibaker. We're just glad Squash didn't do that while soaking wet! 

But, my goodness, does this dog bring the drama. Better yet, just like her dad responded to a comment: "She is the drama." Clearly! Not only does she use her laser-focused stare and cute AF face, but "She took advantage of the rain to make it truly dramatic 😂." You said it, @kayvism!

"That dog has watched one too many Kdramas," wrote @barefootsavage."She's waiting for her Oppa to notice her." LMAO, that's so true! It's like she's taken acting lessons or something. 

We absolutely died over @g_roggy's reference, too: "*queue Hilary Duff* Let the rain fall down!" OK, it's official--we need this video with that audio basically yesterday. Squash's dad said the same thing, so keep your fingers crossed for the next video!

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