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Mom Shows Off The Creepy Way Her Dog Stares at Her at Night and We're Cracking Up

Your dog loves you. But sometimes they have the weirdest way of letting you know it. One mom on TikTok knows that she's the object of her Wolfdog's affection, but the strange way he looks at her at night was just a bit unnerving and she had to share. 

Kylo might be a super friendly dog, but the way he looks at his owner is just a bit intense. The video, later shared by his owner @kylo_the_hybridwolf, shows the two sides of Kylo. Kylo during the day — and Kylo at night. "He's a 10 but watches you at night like this," the video's text overlay reads.

Jeepers! That is some stare. With 8 million views, people online couldn't stop making jokes about Kylo's fixed look. "Nahhhh cause why he staring so hard??" @lulu.mcm wondered. "You can keep him, I’d be freaked the hell out," @rolo_polo1 admitted. “Good evening mortal," @mmochi06 joked. "If the 'u up?' text was a dog," @kenrojisan teased. "How my sleep paralysis demon watches me," @candicemaizah kidded. 

Kylo's owner later shared a compilation of her pup's best stares on her page — and it's definitely a hoot. 

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Welp, we guess he's just very curious. 

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