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Dog Accidentally Starts a Fire While Innocently Playing Fetch

Plenty of pet parents have taken to TikTok to share cute videos of their animals sleeping, playing, and being funny. But one dog mom got a pretty big shock when she started recording a video of her pup playing with an apple like he would a ball. 

The clip was shared by @marbbles and is quickly picking up steam, thanks to the dog's game of apple fetch going horribly wrong. The game looks innocent enough, but just wait until you see what happens at the end of the video.

Boom! Fire! The poor pup looked just as shocked as his mom sounded when she gasped. The caption on the video is just the best, "Was just trying to record him playing with an apple and he manages to produce fire. I think he’s evolving." Ha! Couldn't be more fitting.

People who watched the clip are equally as impressed with the dog's fire starting talents. @Emine Fidan said, "Casually burning the place down...", to which the dog's mom responded with, "He has harnessed the power of fire."

Another commenter, @Eden Walker added, "Note to self: don’t let my dog have an apple while I’m not home." And one TikTok user proclaimed, "This dog has reached the point of The Stone Age in evolution with creating fire."

Of course, plenty of people are curious as to what actually happened, here, and what caused the spark after the apple hit. Was it the radiator? Or the cord that's on the floor? Whatever took place to cause the small fire, it sounds as though everyone is perfectly fine and unharmed. The apple, on the other hand, was described as being "a little toasty" by the video creator. 

This is just a suggestion, but it might be time for this pup to switch back to non-edible toys, just to be on the safe side.